April 2019 Edition – Here are the best new cars deals in Ontario

Spring has sprung. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, here’s a rundown on the best new car deals across Ontario this April including events and tips to keep in mind.

April 2019-Deals of the Month

Mid Size Car: 2019 Hyundai Sonata Finance

Full Size SUV: Infiniti QX80 Lease

Luxury SUV: 2019 Acura RDX Lease

Sports Car: 2019 Lexus IS300 RWD F Sport Lease

The deals of the month for April were quite impressive with some great contenders. I am a huge fan of the 0% financing on the Hyundai Sontata. It makes the vehicle a great option and quite affordtable. The Acura RDX lease is SUPER attractive with the fact that it is $0 down on a 4 year term. The Infiniti QX80 impressed us with a modest downpayment (for a luxury Full-size SUV) and a payment sub $900. Lastly, the Lexus IS300 is a great deal given the $4000 F-Sport credit on the vehicle, which makes if an affordable and luxurious step up for a $199 biweekly payment-Wow!

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April Showers Bring Spring Showers Savings

April has brought along a 3 day manufacturer sale from Lexus and Acura. Notably, there are GREAT leasing deals this month (tailored to the University Graduates) which a huge variety of 0 down options. There are a great variety of short term leases available on some luxury and economical full size SUV’s that are worth considering.


April brings Red Tag days for Toyota and 3 day sales events for certain manufacturers in Ontario.



The Hyundai Sonata is already a great value when you consider the standard features and reliability in this mid size sedan, and now the 0% financing makes it an even more attractive offer. It received the 2019 IIHS top safety pick when equipped with the Forward Collision avoidance assist and LED headlights, which will certainly help make it affordable on insurance.

The Santa Fe XL follows suite with 0% financing and that makes it a very attractive 7 seater vehicle that won’t break the bank. Considering it’s reliablity, it is hard to find a 7 seater that can beat these payments.


Kia has maintained consistent price offerings in relation to last month with the additional of an extra ‘surprise bonus’ on certain in stock 2019 models. This is an interesting incentive to see this early on in the year, considering its generally marked on inventory that has been sitting ‘longer’ than other models towards the end of the year.

TIP: Ask if a dealer has a list of this inventory that the ‘surprise bonus’ will be eligible on. If they tell you they don’t have one, its generally because the manufacturer will give a list of all the VIN’s that are eligible across all dealers, so it may be difficult to spot reference. That also gives you the bonus of asking if they can locate you a unit that may be in another store’s inventory that qualifies for the additional bonus.


Honda | Acura

This 4-year MDX lease is hard to beat. The incentive promo means no downpayment on this offer. For a luxury 7 seater, you have the option for a short term commitment on a low interest rate and a great residual offering!

The TLX lease also makes for an attractive offer given the incentive promo! I like this lease a lot given the fact that the incentive negates a downpayment. Interest rates are less important for a lease because in Ontario the payment is advertised with all fees included aside from tax and licensing.

The Civic offer remains consistent over last month.

Ford | Lincoln

Ford has been relying on the pickup truck volume, where the spring market drives a lot of F-150 and pickup truck oriented traffic. Similar rebates are carried over from last month, and its a great option if you are considering financing on the long term.

Aside from 0% on the Escape, Ford has continued this incentive again from last month. The one thing I am not a fan of is the large step up in package price for the infotainment system that allows you access to Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Chrysler | Jeep | Dodge | Ram

Dodge is advertising their minivans quite heavily, however unless you need one, I am not a huge fan. From dealer experience, it has quite hard to sell a preowned minivan lately if they don’t come with the power door options. However, once you get up to that price range, it becomes an easy $500 payment on a 96 month finance! Ouch!

Unless you have cash to pickup one of these remaining 2018 Dodge Journey’s, stay clear of the financing. 96 months on bank rate credit is not the best option as these vehicles tend to never trade as well as their respective 5 seater counter parts.


This Ram Bighorn is a really good deal however buyer beware, call ahead to see if that particular dealership has that particular build of Ram in stock that qualifies for this pricing. I am a fan of these short term truck leases- since the newer trucks are holding their resale value better than ever.If you’re ready for a new car, submit your Conquest Cars application to get matched with one of our consultants

Cash and MSRP credits aside, we’re coming into Jeep season! If you’re looking for a new Jeep for the summer, do your research before hand based on inventory availability. You may find a very attractive payment at the dealership, however it will probably be stretched to 96 months on a 6% interest payment. If you have cash to put down, I highly recommend to make a shorter term more affordable.


Interesting to see that Mercedes has carried over the incentives and the pricing on their 3 feature vehicles, with a large push to sell leases as opposed to finances. Although we’ve seen cheaper down-payments, Mercedes is great at retaining their clients by offering early lease upgrades and great client service. Interesting to note that the comparative BMW models have nearly double the down payment required!

Mercedes has a fantastic CPO program on these above models with a 0.9% interest rate for up to 5 years. WOW. It’s great to see that manufacturers are increasing the affordability and rates of pre-owned vehicles and helping bridge the gap between ‘new’ and ‘pre-owned’.

Toyota | Lexus


It’s RedTag days at Toyota! What a great selection of vehicles they have. Again, you’ll notice their approach to payments is very ‘lease-heavy’, which isn’t a bad thing! Toyota has 0 down options, which make most of their vehicle leases extremely easy to get into! The Prius is a pretty neat option especially if you’ve been considering a Hybrid vehicle. With payments starting from 150$ biweekly on a 5 year term, it’s hard to say no!


The Sienna is a much more enticing option on lease compared to the Dodge Caravan considering it’s only 5 years, and you get more features.

The Lexus IS 300 is a very fun vehicle considering the lease offering available right now. The F sport credit makes this vehicle a VERY compelling offer especially considering it is a manufacturer lease for just over 3 years – all warranty and maintenance included! Hard to pass up.

Nissan | Infiniti

The Nissan Qashqai is notably a great deal for a short 3 year lease. Nissan has the birds eye camera which allow for more confidence in driving and a cheaper insurance rate.



Audi | Volkswagen

April brings a huge amount of new leasing option on most new Volkswagen vehicles. You’ll find many sedans and hatchbacks with 0 down options on 5 year terms. Now that the Chevrolet Cruze now longer leases their 2019 vehicles, the Jetta is a great contender with a punchy Turbo engine if you don’t want to opt for a Corolla or Civic!

Cadillac | Buick | Chevrolet | GMC

A few of the Humberview Group stores are doing a short term Cadillac lease on the XT5 which is a fantastic offering in the luxury 5 seater SUV segment. Applewood Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC in the Erin Mills Automall has a 28 month lease with only $3460 due on signing at $459/month. That’s a great option considering all the great product that is expected to begin being revealed by 2021 for those who have been holding out. Great bridge over the gap between new technology and inventory.
GM’s new trucks have finally gotten competitive against Dodge’s short term leases on their 2019 Ram’s. GMC comes strong out the gate with WAY MORE TRUCK and a substantially higher residual. The 2 year leases for these trucks hold 70% of their value, compared to Dodge and Ford that sit around 60% retained value. Despite the larger downpayment, this makes for a great ‘luxury’ pickup that allows you to drive the new generation pickup for a short term commitment.
The Equinox is Chevrolet’s 5 seater that continues to lease quite well in a 5 year term. With a small downpayment, and many standard features including Apple Carplay and Anroid Auto, this is a great contender for the 5 seater SUV market. Test drive one at Applewood Chevrolet in Mississauga.
Like we noted in the last month’s edition, the new GMC products just look SO GOOD. The new ‘blackout editions’ offer such great styling for ‘the average daily vehicle’.