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If you’d like to know your car value, this trade-in tool will provide you a quick appraisal value that’s similar to what a dealer will offer. The range is equivalent to the value provided by Canadian Black Book, or Kelly Blue Book.

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In most cases where you might be able to sell your vehicle privately for up to a few thousand dollars more than what a dealership will offer, your real difference in savings is usually less than a few hundred dollars. After factoring for the time involved, the risk of lowballers and sellers who can’t finance or afford your vehicle, and the aggravation if there’s an issue with the vehicle a few weeks later, selling privately is usually not as beneficial as it may seem. You can also calculate gas savings with our calculator tool.

How to get your trade value from a dealership

Increase your car value by $300 in 30 minutes

There’s a few steps you can take to increase your car value and make sure you get a higher estimate right from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Canada Black Book value?

A Black book value is a trade amount given for a vehicle based on aggregate data from a marketplace. It factors kilometers, trims, packages, and conditions. Canadian Black book was originally a physical book that dealers would reference to provide trade-in values to their clients in the process of selling a vehicle. The brand has been around for over 55 years and is widely trusted in the industry as a reference point for resale value.

How is the Canadian Black Book value effected by vehicle condition?

Vehicles are given a Canadian Black book car value based on their condition – ranging from rough, average, clean, & extra clean. Dealerships and auctions reference these 4 categories to provide a better estimate on where the vehicle would sit. Typically, online appraisers are set to ‘rough’ as a default value, which always tend to value a vehicle on the low end.

Why do dealerships give values lower than Canadian Black Book?

Dealerships tend to purchase a vehicle for a ‘wholesale value’, and then sell the vehicle at a ‘retail’ value. In order for the vehicle to be resold, it goes through a 50-100 point inspection, a complete detailing, and a certification process. A dealership will always purchase a vehicle at a ‘wholesale’ value because of reconditioning costs. They also incur risk if the value of the vehicle is overpaid, the market supply changes, the vehicle is not able to to be sold, or incurs interest on the lot.If you want a high car value, private selling your vehicle may not save you money

Can you get a Blue Book Value in Canada?

Kelly Blue Book produces trade in values that are exclusive to the United States, based off American auction data from cars that are sold. In 2018, Kelly Blue Book has released their trade in tool to be available to dealers in the Canadian market, and the values should be similar to those collected from Canadian Black Book.

Is Blue Book value better than Black Book Value?

Blue book value is notably related to Kelly Blue Book – car values derived from vehicle auctions that run in the America, versus Canadian Black Book Values, which are based off of Canadian Auction sale prices. Kelly Blue Book now operates in Canada, and the trade values between the 2 tools should be similar.

Is it better to sell a vehicle privately, or trade in to a dealership?

Although you may be able to get more for a privately sold vehicle, you often aren’t much farther ahead than selling to a dealership. The reason for this, is that you have to incur the work and time required to meet with prospective buyers to sell the vehicle, and deal with negotiations and online price haggling. Selling your vehicle to a dealership will reduce the total cost of your new vehicle, which means you will also save money on the total of taxes paid. If you sell privately in Canada, it is required you purchase and provide a used vehicle information package.

4 minutesĀ 4 minutes.

How do I get more than Canada Black Book value for my trade-in?

  1. Know the grading conditions given by a dealership

    A dealership will grade your vehicle based on its appearance and service history. The grade will range from rough, average, clean, and extra clean. In almost all conditions, a vehicle’s presumed value by a dealership can be increased by taking a few simple steps, which can help increase the amount you get for your vehicle by a few hundred, to a few thousand! This savings is further multiplied by tax savings which reduce the cost of the new vehicle, since there’s a lesser total to pay tax onCar Values given by Canadian Black book are graded based on the condition of the vehicle

  2. Clean your vehicle

    This step seems obvious, however if you want to get the best Canadian Black book value, you need to make sure you take photos of your vehicle, or bring it to the dealership after you’ve taken the effort to clean it! Running your vehicle through a car-wash and buying $5 tire shine and rim cleaner could make your vehicle look $100’s of dollars more valuable to a dealership. Also, make sure to empty the garbage that may be in the passenger side or trunk.Vacuuming and cleaning your vehicle before bringing it to a dealership can increase your car's value

  3. Complete regular maintenance on your vehicle

    Your vehicle’s service history is available from a dealership portal as long as you had it serviced at franchised manufacturer dealers, or service chains like Mr. Lube or Midas. Oil changes, and simple maintenance. This service history shows on a Carfax vehicle history report, which will increase a vehicle’s Canadian black book value because it shows it has been well taken care of. Dealerships will save this money on the cost of reconditioning the vehicle to make it ready for resale at the store.

  4. Include Extra Packages & Accessories

    Most trade-in tools rely on market data, which means that not every vehicle will have the certain upgrades or packages your vehicle has! Pound for pound, your vehicle may be the same trim, but it also may come with a sunroof or speaker package which increases the car value. In addition, certain accessories, like winter tires, mats, towing hitches, or roof racks can increase a vehicle’s value to the dealer! Some trade-in forms have trouble accounting this information, so a dealership may be unaware of extra features or accessories when evaluating your vehicle’s trade in value! Speak up, and you may find yourself an extra few hundred to $1000 in added value to the appraisal.Floor mats and other accessories can increase your car value