February 25, 2019 Daniel

February 2019 Edition – Here are the best new cars deals in Ontario

Looking for a new car this month? Here is a rundown on the best new car deals across Ontario this February including events and tips to keep in mind.

We’ve compiled everything you’re looking to know if you’re searching for a great deal on a new car in Ontario.

Get Freebies at the Canadian International Autoshow

This month between February 15th-24th the annual Canadian Autoshow will be held downtown at the Metro Toronto Convention centre. Even if you don’t consider yourself a car person, for 24$ a ticket I highly recommend going. Even if you don’t plan on buying a car this month or the following, most manufacturers will offer credits or discounts at their booth that can give you upwards of $2000 dollars off a new car purchase. Every year the offerings change, however the offerings seem to only be getting better. It’s a no-brainer. I will post a followup article on the best auto show deals once I learn more about them.

February Deals of the Month

February brings an interesting dynamic to automotive, especially since January was slower last month for most dealerships in comparison to year’s past.  Dealers finally have leasing credits and 0% financing options programs starting to open up on popular inventory, and even more important is now dealers have the inventory of the marketing spec vehicles you are seeing in ads and on the manufacturer website.



Honda/ Acura

Ford / Lincoln

Chrysler/ Jeep / Dodge/ Ram



Toyota/ Lexus

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Nissan/ Infiniti



Audi/ Volkswagen

Cadillac/ Buick / Chevrolet / GMC